Thursday, December 18, 2008

Batman: The Black Casebook TPB Confirmed

Back in October, I blogged about a rumor that DC would be releasing a trade paperback collecting the fifties stories that inspired Grant Morrison's current run on Batman. DC Comics recently unveiled their list of collected editions coming out in May and June of 2009 and underneath June was this solicitation:

Batman: The Black Casebook TP
Writers: France Herron, Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger
Artists: Dick Sprang, Charles Paris, Sheldon Moldoff, Stan Kaye
Collects: Stories from Batman #113, 134, 156, and 162, Detective Comics #215, 235, and 267, and World's Finest Comics #89.
$17.99 US 144 pages

That's right, more fifties reprints are on the way! As the stories tie-in to Morrison's run, here are my guesses on which stories will be collected:

Batman #113: "Batman -- The Superman of Planet X!"
Batman #134: "Batman's Secret Enemy"
Batman #156: "Robin Dies At Dawn!"
Batman #162: "The Batman Creature!"
Detective Comics #215: "The Batmen of All Nations"
Detective Comics #235: "The First Batman"
Detective Comics #267: "Batman Meets Bat-Mite"
World's Finest Comics #89: "The Club of Heroes!"


joe bloke said...

just in time for my birthday!!!

CMN said...

After almost 15 years of nostalgic interaction with the past, I find myself reluctant to buy such collections, if only because only half of the stories would be "new" to me.