Sunday, August 23, 2009

Added To The Collection - The Best of the Original Batman

Following last week's acquisition of the Batman vs. The Joker Signet paperback is the first in the series. While the other two reprint collections in the series (the second release having been an original prose novel) each have a villain theme, this one is just a collection of early fifties Batman stories. The only exception is the first story in the collection, "The Legend of The Batman" from Batman #1. The other stories are: "The Web of Doom!" from Batman #90, "Fan-Mail of Danger!" from Batman #92, "The Crazy Crime Clown!" from Batman #74, "The Crime Predictor" from Batman #77, "The Man Who Could Change Fingerprints!" from Batman #82, and "The Testing of Batman!" from Batman #83. I'm particularly looking forward to reading "Fan-Mail of Danger!" after seeing the goof panel reprinted in the introduction to Batman In The Fifties. The book itself is in great condition, especially the cover apart from the bent corner. With this one on the shelf, that makes two down and a Penguin to go.


Jeff said...

Nice score!

Booksteve said...

The cover of this is, of course, redrawn from Infantino and Anderson's famous 1966 poster but they've altered Batman's legs so that it always looked to me like he was about to fall on Robin!

Chris said...

I noticed the change to Batman's legs as well. Maybe they thought it would look more dynamic, as if Batman was in mid-leap, but instead it just comes off as awkward.