Sunday, August 30, 2009

Added To The Collection - Detective Comics #s 317, 318, and 320

Before my Signet paperback kick, I bought three issues of Detective Comics off eBay.

I reviewed #317, the second and final appearance of the Flying Bat-Cave, on the blog last week. #318 features the second appearance of Cat-Man (there's a hyphen for ya Pat!) in Detective Comics. All I need is #311 and I'll be set to do a Cat-Man week. The purchase of #320 was based solely on the cover and I think you can see why.


david said...

Oh, man, I'm a sucker for all things mummified. As if Warren, Skywald and Marvel magazines didn't heep me busy enough--! How did the writer justify the wrappings in this tale of the Dynamic Duo?

Chris said...

Batman and Robin were investigating a crashed space capsule in their civilian identities when a green orb in the capsule went off and bathed them in a green light. Later, they discover that the ray has turned them green and have to figure out how to keep crime fighting without giving away their identities. The solution? Stage Batman and Robin getting hit by the ray in front of the police, only in their case, the ray has made them radioactive. Radiation that can only be shielded by wrapping themselves from head to bandages.