Sunday, September 6, 2009

Added To The Collection - Batman #218 and 259 and Batman Family #4

Continuing the single issue catch up, I recently picked up two Batman Giants and an issue of Batman Family.

Batman #218 - Subtitled "The Strangest Cases From Batman's Crime-File," five of the six stories reprinted in this issue are from the fifties era. Spanning from 1953 to 1960, the stories are: "Batman and Robin's Greatest Mystery" (from Detective Comics #234), "The Hand From Nowhere" (from Batman #130), "The Man Who Couldn't Be Tried Twice" (from Batman #118), "The Body in The Bat-Cave" (from Batman #121), and "The League Against Batman" (from Detective Comics #197).

Batman #259 - Apart from a brand new Batman story featuring the original caped crusader, The Shadow, this issue reprints three fifties era Batman stories: "The Great Batman Swindle" (from Detective Comics #222), "The Strange Costumes of Batman" (from Detective Comics #165), and "The Failure of Bruce Wayne" (from Batman #120). Interesting to note is that the Shadow story was dedicated to Bill Finger, who had passed away in January of 1974, with this issue hitting the stands in August of that year.

Batman Family #4 - I bought this one because it reprints "Batman Meets Fatman" (from Batman #113). 'Nuff said.


CBrown said...

I just clicked here through a link on Comics Reporter. Seeing that cover of Batman Family #4 made me smile. It's the first comic book I can remember. I clearly remember my father handing it to me when I was about 4. I still have it, sans cover and first 6 pages or so. A couple of years back, I found a copy for a few bucks at a con. I vividly remembered Fatman, the Batgirl story, and the groovy reader-designed Robin costume contest.

Frederick said...

Lucky you! I got the Giant Batman #218 when it was printed, back around 1969 as far as I can remember without looking for it and verifying. I was sick in bed, nearly 10 years old, and my mom brought back from comics from the store for me to read while I was in bed. This was one of them, and I still have it, but sadly without the cover. That Giant Disembodied Hand story was memoriable!