Sunday, September 13, 2009

Added To The Collection - Batman #s 102 and 154 and Detective Comics #s 295 and 297

Picked up another batch of coverless comics this time around, the covers to which I'll post below.

Batman #102 has a story that looks to be a lot of fun entitled "The House of Batman," where Batman gets his own crimefighting base in the city. The first story of Batman #154 features the second Batman and Robin team, one of my favorite fifties era gimmicks. Detective Comics #s 295 and 297 both feature giant creatures and there's a good chance you'll see one of them reviewed as part of something I have planned for October.

(And yes, I realize the irony of posting the covers to coverless comics)


Bruce said...

That cover with the four legged monster is spectacular.

Chris said...

It is, Moldoff really had a knack for drawing crazy creatures. Interestingly enough, the first page of the story features a giant alien-looking crab and not a copy of the cover as was common then.